As part of Phase II of our market-enabling roadmap, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and its partners are working with the Power Division of the Bangladesh Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources to enable five million households to adopt clean and efficient clean cooking solutions by 2017. Household Air Pollution (HAP) affects 138 million people in Bangladesh and contributes to 78,000 premature deaths on an annual basis within the country.

The Alliance’s efforts and partnerships are supporting Bangladesh’s market and enterprise development efforts by fostering innovations for technology transfer; providing support for cookstoves and fuels enterprises through Alliance grant mechanisms such as the Spark and Pilot Innovation Funds, and our Catalytic Small Grants program; encouraging business entities to include clean cookstoves and fuels in their portfolios for base of the pyramid customers; supporting market development research; and identifying characteristics of early adopters; and advancing partnerships with local celebrities to serve as Brand Ambassadors and champion the clean cooking sector. The Alliance is also supporting capacity building, fuels development, and sustainability efforts at the National Cookstove Testing and Knowledge Centre in Bangladesh. In addition, the Alliance has been collaborating with the Ministry of Power on the creation of a Household Energy Platform to serve as the sector coordinator and to help achieve the country’s adoption goals.

Country Statistics
Population using solid fuels for cooking - 89%
Number of people affected by HAP - 143,290,000
Number of deaths per year from HAP - 85,000
Support for the Household Energy Platform
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority
2016 - Bangladesh
12-5: Gender
Gender and Livelihood Impacts of Clean Cookstoves in South Asia
Practical Action Consulting
2012 - Bangladesh
13-5: Pilot Innovation Fund Round 2
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: Prakti Pvt Ltd
Prakti Pvt Ltd
2014 - Bangladesh, India
Pilot Innovation Fund Round II: Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd
Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd
2014 - Bangladesh
15-3: Spark Fund Round 3
Spark Fund, Round Ill: Filament Engineering ltd.
Filament Engineering Limited
2015 - Bangladesh
15-4: Clean Cooking And Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
Support to SREDA for the Household Energy Platform
Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Aut hority (SREDA)
2016 - Bangladesh
16-1: CSG Bangladesh
Catalytic Small Grant Bangladesh - Future Carbon Limited
Future Carbon Limited
2016 - Bangladesh
Catalytic Small Grant Bangladesh - BD Vision
BD Vision
2016 - Bangladesh
Catalytic Small Grant Bangladesh- Venus International
Venus International
2016 - Bangladesh
Catalytic Small Grant - Eco Fuel Industry Limited
Eco Fuel Industry Limited
2016 - Bangladesh
16-2: BCC Fund
Clean Cooking BCC Fund - Social Marketing Company
Social Marketing Company
2016 - Bangladesh
Market Manager

Asna Towfiq
Regional Market Manager, Bangladesh