As part of Phase II of our market-enabling roadmap, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is coordinating with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) as well as the Ministries of Agriculture, Science and Technology, and All-China Women's Federation to promote the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels for 40 million households by 2020. According to World Health Organization estimates, 25% of the 4.3 million annual premature deaths that are attributed to Household Air Pollution (HAP) occur in China. In addition, more than 900 million people are impacted by exposure to HAP every year. Realizing the urgency of HAP as a public health, environmental, gender, and livelihoods issue, the government has explicitly provisioned the promotion and adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels in its current Five-Year Plan.

The Alliance’s partnership with the Government of China focuses on the following initial interventions: support for the design and development of the government’s 40 million by 2020 adoption national cookstove program; engagement of Chinese health, environment, and gender researchers in activities of the broader Alliance Research Platform; support for the development and enhancement of two Chinese testing centers; active engagement the manufacturing community in the design and production of clean cookstoves that will meet the needs of the domestic and global markets; ensure contributions to and the eventual adoption of global ISO cookstove standards; and advocacy at the government-level to prioritize clean cooking solutions. In addition, Vice-Chair of NDRC Minister Xie Zhenhua serves on the Alliance Leadership Council, and internationally-recognized actor and director Zhao Wei is an Alliance Ambassador.

Country Statistics
Population using solid fuels for cooking - 45%
Number of people affected by HAP - 616,950,000
Number of deaths per year from HAP - 1,468,000
16 - 18
12-3: Enhancing Capacity of Regional Testing and Knowledge Centers
Support to the Regional Testing and Knowledge Center for Household Biomass Cookstoves
China Agricultural University
2012 - China
Support to the China Regional Testing and Knowledge Center
Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)
2012 - China
Carbon Finance, Impact Investing and Market Development Grants
China Clean And Efficient Stoves Pilot Projects
Rural Energy & Environmental Agency of Ministry Of Agriculture, China
2015 - China
National Alliances
Support to the China Alliance for Clean Stoves
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
2012 - China
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Jichong Wu
China Country Manager